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We Should Cocoa – Chocolate and Bread recipes. Perfect comfort food!

A slice of bread with a generous spoonful of nutella. If ┬áthe bread is a toasted piece of sourdough with a lick of butter on it, for me the pleasure is all the more greater. It is not the most healthy breakfast but one that serves as a surrogate for an even higher degree of […]

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Simple and In Season – the October roundup

I am sitting here in awe at the wonderful range of recipes that have been linked up to simple and in season this month. As many of you will know this monthly challenge, set up by Ren Behan is a great way to share recipes using ingredients that are in season local to wherever you […]

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Chocolate Cardamom and Walnut Krantz

Introducing We Should Cocoa November: The Bread challenge. And a recipe for Chocolate, Cardamom and Walnut Krantz

Chocolate, Cardamom and Walnut Krantz Perhaps you were intrigued by the 8-stranded plaited loaf on the recent Great British Bake-off series. If like me, you are less dextrous than you would like, why not try this two stranded plait. It is a Krantz. A Krantz you ask? Yes this Israeli recipe is from the most […]

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Chocolate, almond and vanilla spiced up muffins

Chocolate, Almond and Vanilla Spiced Up Muffins

A few months ago, the food writer Vanessa Kimbell made a trip to Uganda to explore the world of fairtrade vanilla. This sweet and heady spice originally derives from Mexico, and is an Orchid vine. Hugely labour intensive to grow , it is second only to saffron in value. Vanilla is a major export from […]

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