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Win a Christmas Hamper from Forman and Field with Knorr

Hello folks, Apologies for a relative lack of recipes recently. I am still unpacking and desperately looking for a space for my Kenwood Chef in my little rented kitchen! However there is a giveaway I wanted to share so it’s a brief post..! The lovely folks at Knorr and Forman and Field have put together […]

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December – A Festive One ingredient challenge: Ginger

I sitting here late at night, surrounded by packing boxes, about to move into rental property for a few months until we buy a house in Cambridge. I’m really looking forward to a larger space to live, play and work than we have in London, but while we are renting our space and lifestyle are […]

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We Should Cocoa – Chocolate and Bread recipes. Perfect comfort food!

A slice of bread with a generous spoonful of nutella. If ┬áthe bread is a toasted piece of sourdough with a lick of butter on it, for me the pleasure is all the more greater. It is not the most healthy breakfast but one that serves as a surrogate for an even higher degree of […]

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